How To Move A Mattress In 8 Easy Steps

Moving a mattress is not as difficult as it sounds. With the right technique, you can move furniture with ease and without injury. All you’ll need are two people to help lift the mattress onto one person’s shoulder, tape or tie the corners of the bottom sheet together for safety, and then carry it out of your room.

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How to Move a Mattress in 8 Easy Steps

Moving a mattress is not always an easy feat. In fact, it can be downright complicated. But if you have the proper tools and know what to do, you can learn how to move your mattress in no time at all.

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  • Before you get started, there are some things that need to be done first. For instance, you need to unplug any electrical outlets in your bedroom. Unplugging these will prevent any potentially dangerous electrocutions. Also, be sure to remove any and all bedding from your bedroom before you begin.These are the way how to move a mattress quickly.

  • The next step is to untie any of the ties that you used to tie down your mattress. Sometimes a mattress will come with a built-in tarp. If this is the case, just lift up the mattress and pull it down. You will need to untie it from the frame below by using strong measures such as mattress straps or mattress hangers.

  • Once the mattress is out of the way, it is time to find your measuring tape. Measure your bed’s width and height. Then take another tape and measure your bed’s length. This is usually referred to as the mattress to floor ratio.

  • The third step is to find a stable, level piece of furniture to use as a foundation for your new mattress. A good base is one that does not wobble or rock while it is being moved. Start by finding a sturdy table, desk, or other piece of furniture that will comfortably support your bed. Do not settle for a sofa or couch that just happens to be there. Measure the dimensions of your bed so that you can purchase a mattress that will fit properly on the support base.

  • The fourth step is to lay your mattress on the base. Make sure that it is flat against the support and that the ends are level with each other. You will need to carefully inspect any uneven spots that may need to be leveled off before continuing. If you are uncertain of the level of your bed’s mattress, you may wish to use a stud finder to make doubly sure.

  • The fifth step is to remove your old mattress and set the new one in place. You may need to tuck blankets or pillows into the bed to ensure that all sides of the bed are covered. Otherwise, you will have a whole new layer of blankets or pillows to remove. Lay the mattress on top of the support and secure it with the appropriate screws and ties. You will need somewhere to place bedding that will protect it from the movement of the mattress as well.

  • The final step of how to move a mattress in 8 easy steps is to remove the cover of the bed. You can use plastic wrap and duct tape to accomplish this. Once you have your cover removed, you can remove the cushions on top of the bed. These should be left in place until you get ready to assemble and install the new mattress. Once all of the old items have been removed from the bedroom, it is time to get started on the installation process.

  • First, remove any hardware that is securing the mattress to the baseboard. These include nuts and bolts. The support is typically screwed into the floor joists through an opening at the bottom of the mattress. This should be unscrewed before you start removing the supports. Next, remove the mattress and its box spring by slowly lifting each section of the mattress. The box spring should be held securely in place by some combination of the floor joists and screws.

  • Once you have unfastened the entire mattress,rid of a mattress you can remove the taut sheets and blankets. You will need to disassemble the support system, including the mattress and box springs, in order to get at the parts without straining yourself. This can be done by using plywood strips and/or staples. Once the parts are disassembled, you will need to reassemble them.

  • You can now fit all the parts back together. You may need to make adjustments in the spacing between each section so that they are properly connected. As you finish putting the mattress back together, check for any gaps. If there are any, fill in the space with some type of padding. If you follow these instructions on how to move a mattress in 8 easy steps, you will find that moving your new bed will be much easier.


The steps to move a mattress can be complicated, but by following these tips you will have no problem moving your bed. More importantly, the best way to protect yourself when moving is with proper preparation and equipment. Here are some quick tips for making this process easier on everyone involved.Do not try to carry more than one person at once-Use sufficient padding or something soft under the mattress so it does not get scratched up.When folding in half always face the hinge side of the mattress towards your body.

This article provides eight easy steps for moving a mattress. Let’s review the important points to remember when you are packing up your home and preparing to move!  -The first thing that you need is an appropriate sized box or bag with handles. It needs be large enough so that it can hold one side of the mattress at once, but not too big as this will take up room in your car. You should also have two smaller boxes which will allow you to pack each half of the bed separately. You may want some bubble wrap or another type of protective material between each layer if possible because these items tend to shift during transit causing damage to surfaces around them like walls and doors.

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