What Are Your Achievements With Richard In The AIC Organization?

You can find more experts and professionals leading a team of workers who are well-versed in helping large companies. They also help the owners of organizations with a high-net-worth, such as athletes, entertainers, and celebrities, to build their investment portfolios with digital assets. The digital assets include cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens and asset-supported tokens. In addition, more experts have trusted agencies for business people to provide better guidance and help them. Among them, RichardIamunno is the top-notch and leading professional who provides better services for the people running their establishment.

Richard and his life to know:

Richard A. Iamunno is the specialist the enterprise owner’s trust for better guidance for their shop. He has served as president and CEO of online gaming systems and president of Ameristar International, an investment banking firm. He also has extensive business experience, including senior director of all the marketing and vice president of the western union corporation.

If you need to get more information about Iamunno, then visit here. This fantastic person was also held more responsible in the management positions with the Dun and Bradstreet Corporation. In addition, Richard served as a director on the boards of several public companies and also the director of Atlantic international capital holdings. This Atlantic international capital holding is the Bermuda-based investment banking company, and he also attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and some trade and political science.  

What is the Atlantic international capital digital assets group?

The Atlantic international capital digital assets group is one of the best agencies in Florida. People use it to call in the short form of AIC, which offers the yachting industry a regulated, safe, secured, and insured payment in crypto. As a result, this industry helps increase its buying audience while offering more options to make more payments. If you want to know about Richard and the AIC industry, you can visit here for more detailed information. 

The AIC only offers the non-fintech seamless crypto payment solution. Richard A. Iamunno is this excellent firm’s chief executive officer, and people believe this industry is a natural market for growth for high-net-worth cryptocurrency holders. This organization is committed to this business sector and educating the industry in expanding the ways they can take payments. The transaction is made in more considerable value, which requires a timely KYC, safe and secured transaction, which are the critical components of closing the transactions.

Achievements of Richard in AIC:

Richard held the higher position, and under his leadership, AIC has experienced many essential milestones. First, this AIC has partnered with declaiming, a full-service financial firm and digital asset provider, to offer colleges and universities a better way to access the funds based on digital currencies. 

Then these institutions entered the luxury yachting industry in Monte Carlo, Monaco, through a partnership with Monaco marina Management Company. Finally, the sponsorship of the U.S. super yacht association submitted in March 2022 brings together summit members and yacht owners to exchange information and ideas about the challenges facing the yachting industry. These are the outstanding and remarkable achievements of Richard A. Iamunno for this AIC Company. So, he is the best personality and the guide for the people and you can hire him for your interchange. 

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