How to Make Money Betting on Cricket Online Betting

The first thing you must realize is that cricket betting or any betting is very similar to the stock market. You examine the circumstances and make an educated guess about the outcome, which you then profit from.

There are aspects that must be considered when playing cricket. These elements include: Weather, pitch condition, team composition, player strengths and weaknesses, and previous records.

Sometimes you can predict the winner with 90% accuracy. However, you can never make money betting on matches where the winner is evident. Use these tips to make more money. 

Determine The Value

In betting jargon, value means that the odds are stacked in the gambler’s favor. You will have an advantage if you can discover value as early as feasible. Typically, you want to wager before the price on the betting platform drops.

To locate value, you must be able to judge price rather than simply “select winners.” In football terms, say, you pick a Team A to win every game. You’ll win a lot of bets this way, but will you make any money? No, you won’t. Team A’s odds of winning aren’t usually excellent enough to compensate for the times they draw or lose unexpectedly.

Invest In Long-Term Markets

In reality, by trading the long-term markets on fun88, you may profit from any team sport with a league structure. It is worth noting that betting on long-term markets is the easiest approach to profit from gambling. Invest your time and effort in long-term markets betting.

Player Strengths And Weaknesses 

Each team has its unique set of strengths and flaws; hence no cricket team is perfect in every element of the game. One team may have an excellent batting order but a poor bowling lineup, while the other may have a balanced hitting and bowling lineup.

It is up to you to determine the team’s strengths and weaknesses, which is not as difficult as it may appear. Newspaper columns and sports portals routinely publish SWOT reports on teams, which detail the team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas for improvement.

Furthermore, watching cricket on a daily basis can help you develop a natural capacity to recognize where the team falls short and where it excels.

Examine The Pitch As Well As The Weather Report

How a cricket game is played is determined by the pitch soil, grass content, and gradient. A green soil pitch is best for pacers and batters, but a black soil pitch is best for spinners. However, you can’t just glance at the pitch condition. There’s also the weather to consider.

At night, there is always the chance of dew in coastal cities. Dew is worsened or not, according to weather reports. Dew lowers ball grip and makes delivery difficult for bowlers, especially pacers. These reports are particularly significant for five-day test matches in which the game plan is executed.

As a result, a team that performs well on one pitch may not do well on another. Reading pitch reports might provide you with insight into such trends and assist you in placing bets accordingly.


There are so many variables to consider when betting on cricket at fun88. Most of the time, the house wins because people are prone to making some sort of easy error. As a result, keep essential betting advice mentioned above to increase your chances of winning.

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