Death Note Season 2- Is There any chance of Yagami Coming Back

Death Note is a Japanese manga mystery psychological thriller series written by Tsugumi Ohba and represented by Takeshi Obata. The first episode of season 1 aired on October, 4, 2006, and went till June 27, 2007. The show being published for over 10 years, still has the same effect on the animation world. Death Note has been one of the most popular anime manga series that anyone might have ever watched. The first season’s published by Netflix played a considerable role in attracting many fans. However, the viewers were not happy because Netflix has published several movies associated with the theme making it fail. The Death Note anime has a lot of possibilities and you can understand this by knowing that there were about three spin offs of the Death Note 2 games and one official movie published by Netflix.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date

The announcement of season 2 has not yet been made because of the COVID 19. Although there is an expectation of having the season published before 2021 ends. We still have no clue of its progress and probably its date of publication. 

Another Japan SQ, a magazine, will soon start a similar story to ‘Death Note’ Season 2 on anicloud . It is therefore awaited to shed some light on the production. 

Death Note Season 2 Storyline   

A notebook that has ability to murder people is found by a teenager called Light Yagami. Actually, the names of the target are already mentioned in the pages and Yagami goes and murder them. 


Season 2 is accepted to assume the cast of season one. The main character will continue with his role as the other supporters continue to. It is assumed that there shall be new characters when it comes to season 2. These new personalities are not mentioned in the original manga.

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