Getting Verified on Instagram (A Step-by-Step Guide) (2022 Update)

How do I get my Instagram account verified?

It is not uncommon that you see little blue checks poking up next to the names of some of your favorite Instagrammers on the picture-sharing site, but there are some explanations you may want to know. Instagram recently launched a Verified Badges program to show that accounts are legitimate by verifying that their profiles are theirs. To find out what those accounts are, go to to learn more about the badges of verification. To get verified you need to get Instagram likes first.

Users know they are engaging with an actual account by seeing this blue checkmark, similar to Twitter’s Verified blue checkmark on officially verified Twitter accounts.

Nowadays, almost anyone who holds an Instagram account (including personal accounts) can apply to have their account verified. Verified accounts used to be the domain of public figures, influencers, celebrities, and big businesses.

In addition to why verifying your account is so paramount, how do you verify it?

Where can I find a simple guide for verifying my Instagram account?

We’ve got your back!

You may not be a professional on Instagram, but verifying your account and getting your own verified badge can boost your profile’s trustworthiness whether you’re an Instagram newbie or an Instagram pro. Your first step is getting likes on Instagram.

Why does Instagram verification matter so much?

Give it some thought. It is quite refreshing to see that blue checkmark next to the names of brands, actors, politicians, musicians, or even businesses when you are scrolling through Twitter, or looking at some of the new tweets from your favorite brands, celebrities, politicians, or businesses. Increasing Instagram likes help with verification. Then you will be able to tell that the account in question is genuine and not being reposted by someone impersonating someone else.

What is the process for getting verified on Instagram?

There is, of course, also some popularity or status attached to having a blue checkmark by your name. A quick and simple process now allows you to join the verified club of celebrities and major organizations.

Your brand will have an authentic source for all matters related to it when your Instagram identity is verified. Your profile will have even more engagement if people realize that they’re interacting with someone real. Online salespeople might find that this is a great way to convert followers into customers. This can be done by famoid likes easily.

Instructions Step-by-Step

Step 1: You can find the menu on your profile page by clicking the top right corner

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’ from the menu

Step 3: Select ‘Account’ from the left-hand menu

Step 4: To begin the verification process, click ‘Request verification’

Step 5: Enter all your business information, including your full name, business name, and category

Step 6: Scan and business documents and upload your ID in high-resolution

Step 7: Click ‘Send’ when you are ready and wait for a response within 24 hours


What’s better than being able to communicate with a real person? The task is within your grasp! Then you should look into getting your Instagram account verified today, if you feel your page qualifies.

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