PNG vs JPG: Which is better for your website?

When it comes to image formats, there are two kings of the hill in the digital imaging world: PNG and JPG (or JPEG). The vast majority of images you’ll see on the web are either front-end or background (PNG vs. JPG), and the difference may seem negligible to the untrained eye.

Each type of image has its own advantages and benefits and is designed with specific circumstances in mind, such as lossless compression, smaller files, high image quality, background transparency, and more. However, if you want to convert png to a jpg file, then soda pdf is the best converting tool for you that does all conversions in the blink of an eye.

If you are a seasoned web designer or hobbyist who wants to distinguish between JPG and PNG out of curiosity, our article will explain everything in detail.

About JPEG

JPEG files are one of the popular file formats on the Internet for many reasons. They are easy to download, small in size, and can contain over 16 million different colors.

If you need to share photos, JPEG is the best choice. It is fully optimized for photography and compatible with a wide range of platforms.

Note. JPG and JPEG are the same things. The original extension of the Joint Photographic Experts Group’s image format was “JPEG”.But Windows (earlier versions) required a three-letter file extension, so it downgraded JPEG to JPG. However, Linux uses JPEG because it doesn’t have such requirements. And you can convert png or another format to jpg with soda pdf quickly.

JPG in general:

·         are files smaller than, ​they have faster upload times on the Internet

·         ​may not be obvious

·         ​does not support transparency

·         ​allows different compression levels

​JPG are great for:

·         ​key images and large rectangular headers

·         ​websites with a lot of images (images in galleries, Albums, and  e-commerce catalogs, etc.)


​The PNG file format or Portable Network Graphics uses the .png file extension. It is a bitmap graphics format that supports lossless data compression.

​PNG is the best format for photos containing text, graphics, outlines, lines, or drawings, such as architectural plans, logos, screenshots, etc. PNG files that are the same size as JPEG will be sharper and display better quality Images. Unlike the JPEG format, PNG supports transparent backgrounds. You can remove or add effects to your image background.

​But the image saved in PNG format will be significantly larger than JPEG. As a result, it takes up more space on your disk than the JPEG file. Also, PNG files take longer to load.

​In general, PNG:

·         ​supports transparency

·         ​this larger (“heavy”) file

·         ​has a slower load time

·         ​is sharper and has higher quality

​PNG ideal for:

·         ​images in a transparent logo file

·         ​icons

·         ​complex

·         ​illustrations, smaller image

·         ​image with text as part of graphics

​PNG and JPG, both actual image file types:

​The site loads as quickly as the appearance of graphics and other images depends on the correct use of the image file format.

​It is easy to get confused about whether to save a file in JPG or PNG format. A general rule of thumb is to use JPG for photos, images with no transparent background, and other files that require a lot of memory. And choose PNG for graphics, files with a transparent background, and other images for which clarity and color intensity are important. Therefore, if you want to change png to jpg for your website, soda pdf is the best tool for you.

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