What’s Covered in ITIL4 Strategist- Direct, Plan and Improve Certification

Every organization runs it’s business and project on the basis of a framework. There are many frameworks that are used by various organizations to manage and control their business activities and projects. When it comes to learning business activities, projects, identifying changes, and risks. There are many aspects one has to look after. And without understanding the dangers of any sort of risk, an organization or a company cannot face those challenges confidently. There are many instances where an organization fails to propagate a business plan from higher authorities to their lower authorities. While some of them also fail to achieve the business goals and project goals planned by the higher authority and the stakeholders.

Such instances create a bad impression of an organization in front of their clients, stakeholders, and customers. This is where a framework helps an organization to direct their plans, improve their plans, and strategize their plans. ITIL is one such framework that helps an organization to carry forward their projects and them to align their business objectives along with their project goals. It not only helps an organization to strategize their plan, but it also helps them to efficiently communicate the business plans from the higher authority to the lower authorities. 

Practicing the ITIL framework

When it comes to practicing the ITIL framework, then a person needs to be educated enough to practice and implement all the practices of the ITIL framework in real life situations. Many organizations invest their time and money in their employees to educate them with the fundamental understanding of the ITIL framework. This is when the employees learn about ITIL practices and the whereabouts of the ITIL Framework. After understanding and gaining the foundational knowledge of the ITIL framework and its practices. The next step is to gain the Specialist and Strategist Certifications.

The Streams of ITIL4 

After gaining the ITIL Foundation Certification, every candidate has to maintain their certification. And in order to maintain their certification, they have to learn new ITIL skills comprehensively. Basically, there is an ITIL suite which comprises two streams. Those are:

  • ITIL4 Managing Professional stream.
  • ITIL4 Strategic Leader stream.

Under these two streams, there are certain knowledge areas. In which an ITIL certified professional has to master all the related topics of those areas. And after learning each consecutive area of the ITIL stream, they will get a certification. These areas are called modules, and one of these modules is the ITIL4 Strategist- Direct, Plan, and Improve module.

 Basically, one has to learn and understand all the topics that are present in this module. And after getting trained in the ITIL4 DPI training session, each candidate has to appear in an exam. After passing the exam, they will get a certification that will verify them as ITIL4 Strategist DPI certified professionals.

As we discussed in the above context about the business plans or project plans propagating from higher authority to the lower authority. These are the professionals who help to communicate and propagate those plans from higher authority to lower authority by inhibiting all the hindrances that may arise in the process of propagating or communicating all the plans hierarchically. The major hindrances are risks and changes that may arise while communicating any plan from higher authority and from the stakeholders’ end. Indeed, these professionals work in between the higher and lower authorities.

What is covered in ITIL for strategist DPI certification codes?

Generally, there are eight modules in ITIL for the strategist DPI certification course. And those are:

  • Module 1 – DPI key concepts. Module 2- DPI scope, key principles, and methods.
  •  Module 3- the role of governance, risk, and compliance.
  •  Module 4 – Focus on improvement.
  • Module 5- focus on organizational change management.
  •  Module 6 – DPI, measurement, and reporting.
  • Modules 7 -DPI, value streams, and practices.
  •  Module 8 – Course recap an exam preparation.

So, these are the areas covered in the ITIL4 Strategist DPI module by Sprintzeal, and these are very important. After understanding all these concepts, one can easily manage, monitor, and handle all sorts of changes, challenges, and risks that may occur while running any project or business activities for an organization. This module is important for those individuals who have Managerial roles in their organizations. It is also available for those who are part of their leadership body of their organization and so on.

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